Jul 14, 2010

Entering the world of Zbrush...

Hello world, it has been a while since i posted anything unfortunately. But, i have been delving into the world of digital sculpting, in particular, ZBrush! I still sculpt traditional, & will post updates of both.

I have been trying to teach myself Zbrush, with a little bit of success. Here I have a muscled figure created from scratch, which i welded prebuilt hands to as a test. so far so good! :)
This is just the very beginning, i hope to improve and have work i can be proud of!


dayraven said...

I hope you archived some of the great photos you had at the old site of your custom figures. You've got a shine brother, no doubt. Your gladiator has me aching that you'll take up and do some based on the Spartacus: Blood and Sand & Gods of the Arena characters. Best of luck w/ the blog.

WilliamVanGuile said...

yo tommy, heard that you a pro now?I'm a big fan of your work since you showcased them @ the now defunct a-f.com, looking forward to see more of your works here in this blog, brah.


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