May 14, 2011

Robot Girlfriend Fiona

Recently sculpted a "Robot Girlfriend".
about 8" tall, sculpted in wax, and cast in resin.
This Robot Girlfriend is named "Fiona".
hopefully many more to come!

soon to be available through U1 Toy Arts:

Photos of the original wax/castilene sculpture:

Apr 22, 2011


Hello world, it has been a while,
This is a quick 2 hour sketch in Zbrush, started with a polyshpere, and ended up with a pigman!
Hopefully many more to come soon.

Jul 14, 2010

Entering the world of Zbrush...

Hello world, it has been a while since i posted anything unfortunately. But, i have been delving into the world of digital sculpting, in particular, ZBrush! I still sculpt traditional, & will post updates of both.

I have been trying to teach myself Zbrush, with a little bit of success. Here I have a muscled figure created from scratch, which i welded prebuilt hands to as a test. so far so good! :)
This is just the very beginning, i hope to improve and have work i can be proud of!

Nov 9, 2008

1/35th scale Victor

my current project, a 1/35th scale Victor. Victor is a good friend of mine, and were working on a couple of projects together. More than anything, this was a test to see if i could sculpt accurately at this scale. The figure is about 50% completed. Still need to add wrinkles, details, finish the eyes, etc.

Battlemonkey enters the blog

Good morning.
I am Battlemonkey, better known as Tommy Hodges.
Previously i had a website,, which was great but too much of a hassle to update. That is why im turning to blogging. I follow some of my favorite artists work through their blogs.
I hope this works out well, and there will be many more posts to come.

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